Getting together in the age of Zoom

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Here is a great example of how the spirit of community can work beyond our geographical limits and boundaries. The Zug Anglican Church is one of the 3 daughter communities of St Andrew’s (the others being in St Gallen and Turgi) and our Chaplain, the Revd Paul Brice leads worship once a month at the Zug Reformed Church which kindly allows us to use their church.

Sue Entzinger told us this about the Zug house group :

‘Much can be said about how awful the last year or so has been, but a high point has been the Zug house group moving onto Zoom. Originally formed by Carolyn Jay, lay reader of the Zug Anglican Church, in 2013 and held at Katherine’s house in Baar, we saw many participants come and go. It moved house a number of times, has had changes in leadership and has always reached beyond the church to all who wished to be part of a community of spiritual reflection and prayer.  I said my tearful goodbyes to these lovely ladies when I left Zug and moved to Prague in 2017. 

When Julianne Funk emailed me inviting me to join the group once again, but now via Zoom – for a Lent course in 2021, including house group ‘alumni’ who had left Switzerland years ago – it felt like God had answered a prayer that my heart made without me knowing.  For many of us, it was quite an emotional experience meeting each other again. We are now spread across the world, from Switzerland to North America, but it feels like we belong together. We loved the daily Lent reflections by Brian Draper and continue to meet and uphold one another in prayer even now, after Easter. We are now reading together the book God on Mute by Pete Grieg. I cherish our time on Tuesday afternoons (or early mornings for those in the US) and I give thanks for being part of it.

Thank you to Sue, Julianne and all the other members of the house group for sharing your thoughts and memories. We wish you all further enjoyable discussions and get-togethers!

Ruth Bailey, Church Administrator

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