Worship at Home

This information was drawn together to help our congregation during the Covid lockdown.

It is still sometimes useful to be able to draw upon these resources, perhaps when we are unable to attend church, or we would like a little help in focusing our prayers during the week.

Weekly Church of England video service
Watch weekly online worship services from across the Church of England.
Click here to go to the Church of England Website for more information
Click here to go to the Church of England YouTube channel

A structure for worship at home

When it isn’t possible to join with your local church, this outline is designed to help you have a short time of worship as a household.
Click here for a simple service that you can follow at home, along with links to songs and craft ideas for smaller children.
Compiled by the Archbishops’ Council of the Church of England

Daily prayers from Canterbury Cathedral. 
Services are live-streamed each day, or available to watch later
Morning Prayer with Dean Robert, from the Deanery Garden, by 10.30 (UK time)
Evening Reflection by 17.30
Choral Evensong at 17.30
Sunday Eucharist at 10.30
Click here to go to the Cathedral on-line worship page
Click here to go to the Cathedral YouTube channel

Sunday service from Radio Four
Broadcast on Radio 4 at 09:10 CET
Click here for more information and links to listen to Sunday morning service on BBC Radio 4

Choral Evensong, from the BBC
Broadcast on Radio 3 at 16:00 CET
If you missed the service during the week, it is repeated on Sunday evenings.
Click here for more information and to listen again on-line.

Songs of Praise on BBC1 television
Broadcast on BBC1 at 14:15 CET
Inspiring hymns and songs, together with stories of faith from around the UK and beyond
Click here for more information and links to watch on-line.

Going for Growth from the Church of England
Faith isn’t something to be learned in church – it’s to be lived out at home. But it isn’t always easy for families to know how to pray together or tell the stories of Jesus together.
Click here for links and ideas to help families be Christian in their whole lives, not just the Sunday bit! 

Diddy Disciples church at home
Worship and story telling resources for babies, toddlers and young children. Packed with ideas to reflect on the stories through craft and art.
Click here to choose a story and let the audio track lead you in telling the stories together.
Visit the Diddy Disciples Facebook page for more videos and resources from “Diddy Disciples” author Rev Sharon Moughtin-Mumby.

Kids Sunday school on-line
Kids Sunday School Place is an online source for children’s Sunday school curriculum and ministry resources that include material for both grade school and preschool.
Click here to go to the crafts, ideas, games,resources, drama and more.

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