St Andrew’s Christmas Faire – 3 and a half more weeks….

Our plans are taking shape and lots of people are working hard in the background to make the Faire, from 09:00 to 16:00 on Saturday 13th November in a new venue, an enjoyable and successful event. You can download a copy of the poster: to share with your friends and neighbours. Are you ableContinue reading “St Andrew’s Christmas Faire – 3 and a half more weeks….”

Reminder – Harvest Thanksgiving

To find out which gifts to bring for donation to the Pfarrer Sieber Sozialwerke please refer to this post on our website: We look forward to seeing you at St Andrew’s on this special weekend. Ruth Bailey, Church Administrator (thank you to Cécile for the colourful poster!)

‘Week of Religions’ in Zürich 6. -14. November 2021

We are pleased to inform you about the “Week of Religions”, which will take place this year from 6 to 14 November. This series of events is held annually throughout Switzerland and focuses on interreligious dialogue. In the Zurich area, the Zurich Forum of Religions organises and coordinates the diverse and free programme. The programmeContinue reading “‘Week of Religions’ in Zürich 6. -14. November 2021”

Harvest Thanksgiving 24th October

On Saturday 23rd October we’ll be cleaning the church in preparation for our Harvest Thanksgiving service here at St Andrew’s on Sunday 24th. Can you come along and help out? Please contact me in the church office if you can: zurich@anglican.chStarting at 10.00 a group of volunteers from the congregation will be doing a variety ofContinue reading “Harvest Thanksgiving 24th October”

SACEP Zoom Sessions 22nd/23rd October with Lois Tverberg

(This is in place of the usual Swiss Archdeaconry Christian Education Programme retreat) REDISCOVER THE GOSPEL – How to read the Bible with new eyes! ‘Reading the Bible in translation is like kissing your new bride through a veil’ Haim Nachman Bialik (Jewish Poet, 1873-1934) We welcome Lois Tverberg, PHD, who has been writing andContinue reading “SACEP Zoom Sessions 22nd/23rd October with Lois Tverberg”

Choral Evensong at the Predigerkirche, Friday 8th October

The Predigerkirche in Zürich hosts a programme of weekly services called ‘Freitagsvesper‘. Some of these are organised by other local churches and their common feature is a high musical content. St Andrew’s has been privileged to participate for several years. This year our choir, led by our Music Director, Shaun Yong, will sing Choral EvensongContinue reading “Choral Evensong at the Predigerkirche, Friday 8th October”

Vicarage Tea Party

Earlier this week the Chaplain invited congregation members to a good old-fashioned vicarage garden party, with tea and scones (still warm), whipped cream and good old St Andrew’s own-brand jam! It was lovely to have people get together, safely, and enjoy chatting and having some company. This was especially appreciated because some people hadn’t seenContinue reading “Vicarage Tea Party”

Book Sale – Saturday 28th August

Calling all book-lovers! Not only are we holding a Car Boot Sale ( on Saturday 28th August, we are also holding a modest Book Sale on the same date from 10.00-14.00 in St Andrew’s Community Centre, Promenadengasse 9, 8001 Zürich. There’ll be 2nd hand English paperbacks on sale and all the money we raise willContinue reading “Book Sale – Saturday 28th August”