Search Magazine

Do you subscribe to Search?

In an increasingly technological age, there is something very comforting about receiving a paper copy of a magazine, which you can put on your notice board, fridge door, or even with your prayer book.

Our bi-monthly magazine, ‘Search’ is an important means of communication for our church community, keeping readers informed about what is going on here at St Andrew’s.

A 12 month subscription costs CHF 35.- and gets you 6 editions delivered directly to your mail box. Each edition is packed with news and information to do with St Andrew’s and our daughter communities. We have recently decided not to offer advertising space in the magazine, in favour of filling it with features and articles relevant to life at St Andrew’s. Many of the articles do not appear anywhere else, so it is well worth the subscription.

If you would like to receive a complimentary sample copy, just let us know and we’ll be happy to post one to you.

Whats inside Search?

Up-to-date information

Each Magazine is designed so that it is easy to find information about Church services, activities and people at St Andrew’s


Whether you want to find out about recent past events, or take a look at what’s coming up at St Andrew’s, you can find all the information that you want in Search.

Our Junior Church and Youth Group leaders also provide regular updates covering their activities.


Whilst we are in Interregnum, our Assistant Chaplain writes a regular letter to the congregation, to help guide us in our prayer and reflections during our daily life.

In addition, timely features also inform us about activities, such as how to get involved with our work to support refugees, as well as topical events like Remembrance at St Andrew’s