Favourite Hymns

Many of us have hymns and pieces of music we hold dear. Everyone tends to have a favourite hymn and, often, an accompanying story.
Do let us know what yours is and, if you like, why or whether there happens to be a story behind it. Shaun, our Music Director, has recorded a number of hymns chosen by our congregation or found choral versions for us to enjoy.

If you would like Shaun to find a version of your favorite hymn, or perhaps even record a version of him playing at St Andrew’s, simply email your favourite hymn title and any accompanying story (click link below) and we’ll arrange the rest. Shaun will also be able to provide some background to the hymn, its writer and the music that goes with it (so you don’t have to do that).

Favourite Hymns

Dear Lord and Father of mankindThe second line runs, “Forgive our foolish ways…..”, which I’m sure we quickly forget ! Notes on the music by our organistThis is one of the hymns where music and words are so inextricably married to each other. Hubert Parry wrote the tune, but it was the director of musicContinue reading “Favourite Hymns”

Thine be the glory

À toi la gloire Nothing shouts ‘Easter’ like this grand hymn at the end of an Easter Day service. The tune is taken from the oratorio ‘Judas Maccabaeus’ by that great German-turned-Englishman Handel. The text, however, was written in French by a Swiss minister Edmond Budry (1854-1932), and afterwards translated to English. Another twist toContinue reading “Thine be the glory”

Favourite Hymns

Love divine all love’s excelling – this great hymn by Charles Wesley isamong the most universally published hymns in hymnbooks of allpersuasions. And yet there was little agreement on what tune it shouldbe set to: contenders included “Beecher”, “Love divine” (by Stainer), oreven that grand Welsh tune “Hyfrydol” – but in recent decades anotherWelsh tune,Continue reading “Favourite Hymns”

Favourite Hymns

Amazing Grace Amazing Grace is perhaps the most well-known Christian hymn of all time. It was written in 1772 by John Newton, who through a compelling spiritual experience, turned from a slave-trader into an abolitionist. The tune it is now sung it to was written in 1835 by William Walker, an American composer. In thisContinue reading “Favourite Hymns”

Music at St Andrew’s

The choir of St Andrew’s Zurich is a robed, SATB, volunteer choir. We sing at the Sunday services from September to June, as well as a monthly weekday Choral Evensong. (Choir practices are normally on Thursdays from 6.30 to 8.30pm during the choir season.) We rehearse in English.

Our Music Director is always pleased to meet prospective singers throughout the year. The ability to read music is essential, and some choral experience is desirable. If you are interested in singing with us, please do get in touch!

Email our Music Director, Shaun Yong