Book Sale

Saturday 1st July 2023 – 09:00-14:00

We’ll be holding another book sale this year – just in time for you stock up on books for the summer holidays!

Cakes, snacks and refreshments will also be on sale.

We are always very grateful for your donations of excellent quality English print paperback (no hardback novels please) books, which make this event such a success.

Please bring your paperback books to us at St Andrew’s Community Centre on Friday 2nd or 23rd June, between 11:00 and 14:00

You can also bring books to the community centre at midday after our Sunday church services.

On these drop-off dates, please bring us books that are in perfect condition. We cannot accept annotated, worn, tattered or visibly damaged books. Please dispose of those using the recycling facilities in your home community.

We only accept English books (for adults and teenagers). We do accept children’s books in German.

Please do NOT bring us:

Hardback novels


Computer manuals, software books, management or company manuals

Magazines (National Geographic etc.)

Discarded books from libraries