This could be your lucky day!

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Our online Christmas Market has been doing really well and the Elves have come up with a Bumper Christmas Hamper, for which they are selling raffle tickets.

To buy a ticket, visit our online market, where you can also purchase goods from our range of groceries, Christmas crackers, cards and crafts. Our stock is running out fast though, so do order quickly!

1st prize:
Bumper Christmas Hamper, as pictured below.
Runner up prizes (5):
A Magnum of red wine

The raffle will be drawn on Saturday 5th December. 
Winners will be notified by email. 
Delivery/collection arrangements will be made after the raffle is drawn.

Incidentally, luck can be defined as success or failure, apparently brought about by chance. This can be a tricky one for Christians, as it is hard to reconcile ones belief in a God who is in control of our future all the time, while also believing that events happen randomly. Perhaps this is a good time to follow the advice of of our recently retired Churchwarden, who often says that we have to give God a helping hand… by buying a raffle ticket!

Prize Bumper Christmas Hamper contains:

-Box of four Christmas Crackers
-Box of Walkers Mince Pies
-Homemade Christmas Pudding (Large)
-2 packs of Christmas cards
-A bottle of Prosecco & a bottle of wine
-Jar of St Andrew’s homemade Marmalade
-Jar of St Andrew’s homemade Jam
-Fabric shopping bag, handmade
-Paxo stuffing packet
-PG Tips tea bags (box of 160)
-Cadbury Chocolate Fingers box
-Branston Pickle jar
-HP Sauce bottle
-Heinz Baked Beans can
-Jacobs Cream Crackers Packet
-Coleman’s Mint Sauce jar

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