Holidays are here

Today is the last day of term for many of the schools in Switzerland. It has been an extraordinary school year, in which teachers and children were suddenly thrown into developing IT skills they perhaps had never thought of before, in order to carry on teaching and learning.

During lockdown, our children may have been delighted with the sudden increase in acceptable screen-time and parents may have become far more relaxed about hearing unfamiliar adult voices from their children’s bedrooms, as they took part in virtual lessons. As schools were able to re-open, the ability to meet in person with friends and classmates has been recognised as a simple pleasure to be enjoyed.

Our Junior Church and Youth group leaders would like to wish our families a wonderful holiday, whatever they plan on doing. As yet, our plans for Junior Church and Youth group activities after the summer are rather unclear, as they will depend upon the situation and social distancing restrictions in place at the time. We will be letting people know our plans, just as soon as we are able to – keep watching this space!

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