Heading down hill for a bit

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Having set off from Saint Nazaire and spent the last two weeks constantly going up hill, Nick Leaver has reached Écuisses and finally gets to go down hill for a bit!

He’s kept the pace up, often cycling around 80km a day, and even managing just over 100km in a day as he peddled alongside the Loire towards the next major river, the Saône.

Orleans – A real bed!

Nick has been camping along the route, but had a lucky break on reaching Orleans, when he found that the camp site was closed and he just had to stay in a hotel! For the first time in a week, he slept in a bed, did some washing and had a super meal in town.

The route now starts heading north east towards Basel and having covered almost 1000km already, Nick hopes to cycle the remaining 370km in order to reach Basel by the 10th July. After that, he will be travelling north East to Ulm, before heading to Vienna and Budapest and onward towards the Black Sea.

Alongside the The Loire, at Saumur.

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