Families… and the joy of creation.

We are keen on involving children in the church, although this is not always a simple matter, as our families are widespread and have different desires and varied demands on them too.

To help shape our plans, one of our Junior Church leaders will be reaching out to families within our congregation, by telephoning them over the next few weeks. Specifically, we will be asking about what is important when bringing children to church. Your input on the topic of children in St. Andrew’s is extremely important and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Last week, Paul asked our families to share some photos of the things that they have been making and creating whilst we have all been staying safe at home. The absolute best picture came from our Youth Group leaders, Sarah and Daniel.  As you can see from their photo, it is something of a “work in progress”, which started in the winter and should be ready sometime in August…

Sarah and Daniel are currently in Australia, having traveled there to visit family in February. Given the current situation, it’s quite possible that they might wait until after their baby is born, before returning to Zurich.

Doubtless, whenever they return, we will all be very excited to welcome them back as a family!

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