See you tomorrow!

Vans are being loaded, there’s lots of activity here and everyone’s working hard to get all the small details right so that we’re well-prepared for tomorrow’s Christmas Faire from 09:00 until 16:00 at the Pfarreizentrum Liebfrauen in 8006 Zurich. Do come along and join us for our biggest fund-raising event of the year! They’ll beContinue reading “See you tomorrow!”

Christmas Faire – 2 more weeks to go!

Preparations continue in the background and we’re still looking for helpful volunteers on Friday 12th and on the day itself, Saturday 13th November. Would you like to get involved? Please contact the organising team: Aaron, Cécile, Christian, Eleanor, Juliet, Shaun and Simon at They’ll be delighted to hear from you! Our thanks go to the teamContinue reading “Christmas Faire – 2 more weeks to go!”

St Andrew’s Christmas Faire – 3 and a half more weeks….

Our plans are taking shape and lots of people are working hard in the background to make the Faire, from 09:00 to 16:00 on Saturday 13th November in a new venue, an enjoyable and successful event. You can download a copy of the poster: to share with your friends and neighbours. Are you ableContinue reading “St Andrew’s Christmas Faire – 3 and a half more weeks….”

Something’s coming…

Could it be?Yes, it could.Something’s coming, something good… Following the cancellation of this year’s Christmas Bazaar, we have been working to create an online market, in addition to the after-Church sales. Thanks to the work of a whole team of people, we are now very close to being able to launch an online Christmas market,Continue reading “Something’s coming…”