St. Andrew’s Pledge Form

Thank you for your interest in pledging to St. Andrew’s. Pledged income is critical for prudent financial planning as it gives a predictable source of income and the gifts are truly appreciated by the Church.


If you have any questions about our pledging scheme, please contact the Treasurer:

Pledge Details

Please complete the details below – these will be sent to the Treasurer who will confirm receipt shortly.

The amount you pledge is treated in strictest confidentiality between our Pledge Secretary, Treasurer and yourself.

It is a great help to us if you make your contribution by Standing Order (“Dauerauftrag”) through your bank or the Post Office.

Payments can be made to:

Bank: UBS
IBAN No: CH71 0022 5225 8701 5201 Q
Account name: The Association of the Anglican Church in Zurich