Approaching Good Friday and Easter with St Andrew’s Church

Audio files for your spiritual enrichment, with a personal connection.
Dramatic Bible readings and music – and an explanation as end

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The events leading up to Good Friday unfold

Reading 1

Remember not, Lord, our offences, Henry Purcell, Out of Darkness

Reading 2

Miserere nostri, Thomas Tallis, The Evening Hour

Reading 3

Cunctis diebus, William Byrd, Out of Darkness

Maundy Thursday

Stripping the table
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(video including readings and Ubi caritas, by Duruflé, from My Beloved’s Voice)


Good Friday


The Lamentation, Sir Edward Bairstow, from Out of Darkness

A more contemporary song (note at end of page)

Also, from another collection of Lance’s readings:

A Centurion’s Reflections – Warning:
[ a soldier’s vivid description of crucifixion so may not be suitable for everyone ]



Reading from Mark

Reflections by Lance, the performer, on the experience of reciting Mark’s Gospel

The Emmaus Road story


Easter Day Service led by our Bishop, Robert

download the Order of Service pdf using “Download” button below

then watch on YouTube, by clicking here and selecting the Easter Service (or the direct link below – with picture of the bishop)

Alleluia! The Lord is risen.
He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

Happy Easter everybody

Shaun, our organist, celebrates Easter Day with a hymn


Notes to this page of media links.

There is so much worship mushrooming on the Internet, from so many churches, it is almost overload. A church from my musical youth managed to produce their orchestra and choir playing from their homes for Sunday worship and now the idea seems to have caught on.

Then, the Archbishops’ recent Sunday services were great: they obviously had some professionals, given the lighting and being so well produced.

For EASTER SUNDAY, I am promoting the service by our own BISHOP IN EUROPE. It will be marvellous to unite across all Europe in worship together with other Anglican congregations. We really do have congregations all over.

At the start of our ‘house-arrest’ (as my cousin in the UK puts it) a few of weeks ago, I decided to approach people I knew in the UK to ask if we could use their CD recordings for music and drama.

I found a very positive response. How often <grin> does one ever get to call up a record producer to say, ‘I want to pinch some of your CD tracks, for free, but I’m a vicar, so that’ll be OK, won’t it?’ (paraphrased!) Yet, his immediate reaction was, in the current circumstances, anything we can do to cheer people up is fine by me. Hence our choral tracks, ‘with special permission’.

I have used some of these in my podcasts, with advice from Ben, who plays the organ at York Minster (and on these CDs from back in his student days). They are tracks from the Choir of Jesus College, Cambridge circa 2010 with the agreement of Mark Williams, the Choir Director and the Producer at Signum Records.

And, the connection? A Romantic story!

My daughter sang with this choir so our family heard them often and we knew the director and many of the choristers. The whole choir of 30 visited us for a few days, singing in my Benefice and various schools in the area round about. Oh, yes, the romantic part: you know, choral scholar ‘girl meets’ organ scholar ‘boy’…. and last year, they were married in York Minster, where they live.

I hope the anthems above are uplifting for you, with this added personal connection.

Our own organist has also provided some tracks, which you will have no doubt already seen online and heard in my podcasts.

Lance Pierson is an actor. I have hosted various of his shows for churches over the years. Our connection is from working together, back in the late 70s, when I was a recent graduate working for International Computers, before going off to direct drama and music in Africa. We were part of a creative team producing stage shows on a Christian theme with talented sixth formers. Some went on to careers in media. He has a very entertaining show about cricket and another on Betjeman, amongst others, that our church enjoyed.

With thanks to and Jennifer Kennerley for permission to use Alan T Dale’s translation New World, the heart of the New Testament in plain English. (Now published by Kevin Mayhew as The Alan Dale Bible.)

Lastly, there is a track from a concept album, somewhat like a Lent Study group, on the issues surrounding Caring, written by a dear friend. I have only sung this song once in more than 25 years but did so on Good Friday 2008 in a service, “Exploring Suffering”.
A young girl called Lara, who played the ‘cello very well, joined my daughter in the instrumental backing. A few years later, Lara won the BBC Young Musician of the Year.

So I hope you enjoy some spiritual sustenance, from this selection of voice and music.