Approaching Easter

Audio files for your spiritual enrichment
Dramatic Bible readings and music

The events leading up to Good Friday unfold

Reading 1

Remember not, Lord, our offences, Henry Purcell, Out of Darkness

Reading 2

Miserere nostri, Thomas Tallis, The Evening Hour

Reading 3

Cunctis diebus, William Byrd, Out of Darkness

Maundy Thursday

Stripping the table
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(video including readings and Ubi caritas, by Duruflé, from My Beloved’s Voice)


Good Friday


The Lamentation, Sir Edward Bairstow, from Out of Darkness

Also, from another collection of Lance’s readings:

A Centurion’s Reflections – Warning:
[ a soldier’s vivid description of crucifixion so may not be suitable for everyone ]



Alleluia! The Lord is risen.
He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

Happy Easter everybody !

Reading from Mark’s Gospel

Reflections of Lance, the performer, on the experience of reciting Mark’s Gospel

The Emmaus Road story


Shaun, our organist, celebrates Easter Day with a hymn

Audio tracks used with permission:

Readings: Lance Pierson
With thanks to Jennifer Kennerley for permission to use Alan T Dale’s translation, New World, the heart of the New Testament in plain English. (Now published by Kevin Mayhew as The Alan Dale Bible.)

Music: Signum Records (and Mark Williamson, former Director of Jesus College Chapel Choir)