Christmas Bazaar 2023… It’s coming!

red and green mistletoe decoration

Our next bazaar will be on
Saturday, 18 November, 2023
at the Pfarreizentrum Liebfrauenkirche.

If you are interested in helping to organise the 2023 bazaar, please contact us.

Please spare some space for the Grocery Stall

The Bazaar Grocery Stall has the usual request to the congregation and friends of St Andrew’s who may be visiting the UK this summer or autumn. As always, we need various items for the Grocery Stall to help us to replenish our stocks and meet the needs and wishes of our loyal customers.

You would help us greatly if you could contribute to the bazaar by bringing back as many English groceries and specialities from the UK as possible. Even if it’s just a packet of biscuits or a mint sauce that fits in your suitcase, it would be much appreciated.

Nearer the time, there will be a large box or basket in the community centre where you can place the goods you have brought back. .

Thank you very much indeed for your help. We rely on you and will, of course, be happy to reimburse you. Should you have any queries, please Email us

*Please make sure that the sell-by date is at least over three months (preferably more) after the Bazaar.
Thank you very much indeed for your help.

Thank you for your donations*!

Mint sauce
Paxo stuffing
Branston Pickle
suet (vegetarian)
golden syrup
Bird’s custard powder
dark muscovado sugar
Hartley’s jelly
ginger biscuits
chocolate biscuits
Cadbury’s chocolates
fruit pastilles
Yorkshire tea bags
All Spice mix
Mixed Spice
baking powder
bicarbonate of soda
lemon curd
vanilla essence
HP Sauce
Colman’s mustard
Club or Penguin Chocolate biscuit bars
cheese biscuits…

….or any other product you think would be appropriate – New ideas are always welcome!

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