Improving our virtual collaboration

When the Covid pandemic took a hold in 2020, we all had to get used to different ways of working and of meeting. Our Church Council was no different, adjusting to meeting online via Zoom. Fortunately we did not get noticed as much as some others!

Like many, we now enjoy the opportunity to meet in person all the more. Although, with a relatively large group, as the Council is, it is not always possible for everyone to make the meetings, or to have time to travel to and from the Church to attend.

Until now, we have taken the opportunity to alternate or vary the meetings, sometimes in person, and on other occasions via Zoom.

Recently, one of our Council members took the kind decision to sponsor a new video conference system for sound and camera, so that it is easy and effective to have “hybrid” meetings with participants both in the meeting room and online.

Yesterday, on 13th September, we held our first hybrid meeting, with five of us in the room and a further five joining from home, or other locations. We were also joined from London by Juliet Evans, the Diocesan Fundraising Officer, to get her advice and input on how we can refine and improve our work. It was an interesting session as we talked from the perspective of the “Three Fs”: Faith-raising, Church-Family-raising and Fund-raising, with a key message that the third one can flow from the first two.

Thank you to our Council colleague who sponsored the purchase of the new equipment – it worked very well!

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