Eco Church webinar: Thursday, 14 September 13:00-14:00 CET

“Working for our care for God’s creation, seeking an active sustainability and nurture of the gift that we have been given, is nothing less than our expression of loving our neighbours as ourselves.

How can we love others and yet ignore the way that they live, in a world where there is an abundance of resources for all of us?  It’s at the heart of our faith as Christian people.”  

Archdeacon David Waller, chair of the Caring for Creation working group.

Many chaplaincies across the Diocese in Europe are championing climate change by taking steps that we can all adopt, like participating in clean-ups, planting trees, and opting for locally sourced flowers. Watch their suggestions for simple swaps we can all make in the video below.

One way for chaplaincies to engage in caring for creation is through the A-Rocha Eco Church scheme.  This program equips chaplaincies to nurture God’s creation across five key areas. You can learn more about this from the Eco Church webinar*, which takes place on Thursday 14 September, 13:00-14:00 CET

This session is for you if you’re curious about Eco Church and want to learn more. The webinar will address fundamental questions like “What is Eco Church? Why should we participate? How does the award scheme operate? Where should we begin?” 

If you would like to get involved with our Environmental Group here at St Andrew’s, we’d love to hear from you – Please do send an Email and get in touch!

*A previous webinar is available for you to watch the recording here

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