Remember! The clocks go back at 03:00 on 30th October 2022

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Don’t forget that the clocks ‘fall’ back on 30th October. We thought we’d remind you so that you’re not late for our church services at 09:00 and 10:30 services on that date😊

We can look forward to regaining the hour of sleep we lost when the clocks went forward in the springtime and arrive at church rested and refreshed!

In case you’ve ever wondered where the idea for daylight saving originated, according to Englishman William Willett led the first campaign to implement daylight saving time. While on an early-morning horseback ride around the outskirts of London in 1905, Willett had the idea that the UK should move its clocks forward by 80 minutes between April and October so that more people could enjoy the plentiful sunlight. He published the 1907 brochure “The Waste of Daylight” and spent much of his personal fortune campaigning for the adoption of “summer time.” Year after year, however, the British Parliament stymied the measure, and Willett died in 1915 at age 58 without ever seeing his idea come to fruition.

Ruth Bailey, Church Administrator

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