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As summer holidays are nearly over, Autumn sees us return from holidays to “normal” life, returning to work and school.  We give thanks for the time to relax and be together and for the weather that has allowed us to get out, explore and enjoy the natural world. 

Now, we wish all those returning to school, starting new schools or phases of their lives, and those returning to work, good luck and best wishes for the months ahead. 

As our Youth Group and Junior Church restart over the coming week, I look forward to seeing you soon at St Andrew’s!

Revd. Jackie Sellin
Assistant Chaplain

Youth Group starts back next week, on Friday 26th August.
Our Youth Group aim is to build a supportive network for young people within the safety of St.  Andrew’s church community. We do this by having a lot of fun and the coming year is looking great!  Some highlights from the new program looking forward are simulation nights (Escape Room style games), games nights with Wädi soccer, and some crafting.

There will be some church members that have hit SAYG age and we’re hoping to have them join us on Friday nights. In case there’s anyone you know who may be interested in joining us as either a volunteer or SAYG member details are as follows:

Who:               Anyone who turns 13 in the 2022-23 school year, up to school leaving age
When:             Friday nights during Zurich school term, 18:30 – 20:30
Where:            St. Andrew’s Community Centre Hall, or online
How:               Through a lot of fun, laughs and mess 🙂

Please keep the youth group, both members and volunteers, in your prayers.  The kids we have had the opportunity to meet are all wonderful people and a joy to be around, and the leaders are invaluable, working hard to remind the kids that they are a part of a bigger community. 

The last few years have been a little chaotic at St. Andrews Youth Group (SAYG) as we’ve all dealt with the pandemic.  Thankfully we’ve been able to meet mostly online with a few in-person events as health conditions permit.  The volunteers we’ve had have been invaluable and we’d like to give a shout out to Jacqui, Jackie, Ruth, Philippa, Rachel, Tim, Erin, Shaun and Peter for all of their hard work, running nights, dealing with admin and providing an environment that’s so supportive.

Much love from Youth Group Leaders,
Sarah and Daniel (& Will – aka big brother to be!)

If you want to contact us about getting involved, or just to ask questions please email us at

Junior Church restarts on Sunday 4th September and will take place in the Community Centre during the Sunday services. We are looking forwards to seeing lots of children and families as we journey together towards Christmas and the Nativity play.
For more information about our Junior Church activities, Email Jacqui and Philippa

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