Palm Sunday – 10th April

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Photo ©️ Ruth Bailey

We’re pleased to announce that on this Palm Sunday (10th April) our talented crafts team and baking team will be selling a selection of hand-crafted Easter gifts, decorations and hand baked goodies after the 10:30 church service.
Money raised at this sale will go to church funds. Thanks go to the teams for their work and effort, and to you for your support and generosity.

Do join with us in worship at St Andrew’s on this date.  The Palm Sunday liturgy has two distinctive features, the Procession with Palms and a dramatised reading of the Passion Gospel. The Procession is an act of praise to Christ whose humble entry into Jerusalem contrasts with the pomp of worldly power, where we carry palm crosses. You may be interested to know that the palm crosses that are available at St Andrew’s on Palm Sunday are sourced from a charitable trust called African Palms: and any profits that the trust makes are used for health, education and water supply projects in the Masasi area of Tanzania. Purchasing these palm crosses is a small act that can bring tangible improvements to people’s lives.

We look forward to welcoming you at St Andrew’s as we enter into Holy Week.

Ruth Bailey, Church Administrator

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