Christmas Faire – 2 more weeks to go!

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Preparations continue in the background and we’re still looking for helpful volunteers on Friday 12th and on the day itself, Saturday 13th November. Would you like to get involved? Please contact the organising team: Aaron, Cécile, Christian, Eleanor, Juliet, Shaun and Simon at They’ll be delighted to hear from you!

Our thanks go to the team and everyone involved for all the work that they’re doing to ensure that we have an enjoyable and successful day.

On this page of the website you’ll find all the info you need about the Faire: including the times when you can bring your used clothes and English books.

Don’t forget that the clocks go back one hour this weekend, and also that from this Sunday, 31st October, we will be holding 2 church services St Andrew’s on Sunday mornings, Said Eucharist at 09:00 and Sung Eucharist starting at 10:30. Please see our homepage for full information about the current Covid measures in place.

Ruth Bailey, Church Administrator

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