SACEP Zoom Sessions 22nd/23rd October with Lois Tverberg

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(This is in place of the usual Swiss Archdeaconry Christian Education Programme retreat)

REDISCOVER THE GOSPEL – How to read the Bible with new eyes!

‘Reading the Bible in translation is like kissing your new bride through a veil’
Haim Nachman Bialik (Jewish Poet, 1873-1934)

We welcome Lois Tverberg, PHD, who has been writing and teaching about the Jewish background of Christianity for the past 20 years. Her passion is to translate the Bible’s ancient setting into fresh insights that deepen and strengthen Christian faith.

In 4 sessions over 2 days, Lois will take us on a fascinating tour of the Bible’s Jewish heritage, giving us a richer understanding of Christ’s ministry. With inspirational insights she will show us how our understanding of the Gospel can be given a fresh perspective as we engage with the customs, beliefs and traditions of the Jewish culture in which Jesus lived and taught. Insights which will deepen and strengthen your Christian faith.

Lois lives in Michigan USA, hence the timing of the sessions which are:

Friday 22nd October and Saturday 23rd October: 2-6pm CEST (1-5pm GMT)

The sessions are titled:

Jesus, our Rabbi and Lord

Hearing Jesus through a Disciple’s ears

The Bible as a family story

The puzzle of the Kingdom

To join the Zoom sessions, please contact Ruth in the church office: by Wednesday 13th October 2021 who will give you the registration information.

‘The Bible is an Eastern book. We see it through the coloured glasses of Western culture. Much is lost. What lies between the lines, what is felt and not spoken, is of deepest significance.

(From ‘The Cross and the Prodigal’ by Kenneth Bailey)

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