Vicarage Tea Party

Earlier this week the Chaplain invited congregation members to a good old-fashioned vicarage garden party, with tea and scones (still warm), whipped cream and good old St Andrew’s own-brand jam!

It was lovely to have people get together, safely, and enjoy chatting and having some company. This was especially appreciated because some people hadn’t seen each other for over a year. The weather was marvellous and the tea, served by the Chaplain, made from a well-known loose-leaf brand (not mentioning any names of course), tasted ‘real proper, like’ – or should that be, tasted ‘absolutely delightful’. (and not a chimpanzee in sight)

Initially expecting, maybe, a dozen people, we were blessed by the company of more than twice that.

…and a jolly time was had by all.

(many thanks to our helpers who provided cakes and jam, and lugged chairs and tables around in the hot sunshine and, of course, to the ‘vicar’s wife’ who played the traditional role of general work behind the scenes)

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