Booking Services

As everyone is well aware, CoVID remains with us – although it is great news that more people can book vaccines in Zurich as of yesterday! For us to remain safe and compliant with regulations, it is still necessary to book your attendance at our services, so that we can track who is attending, and manage numbers.

Unfortunately we have had some issues with the booking system over the last couple of weeks, if our members have been booking by mobile phone/Handy. When this has happened, the screen below shows after you submit your booking:

If the booking has been received, you should receive a “pending” email immediately, which is later followed up with a confirmation email. An example of the booking email is below:

The technical issues have now been resolved – we hope! If you think you may have a booking that did not work, simply re-book for that service. If you have any questions or further issues with the booking system, please contact the Church Office.

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