‘Virtual’ SACEP Day – Saturday 15th May

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Perhaps you are not yet familiar with SACEP (Swiss Archdeaconry Christian Education Programme) but over the years a number of training days/seminars have been organised with the aim of furthering Christian Education within our Archdeaconry here in Switzerland.
On Saturday 15th May an information/discussion session will take place on Zoom from 10.00 am 􏰃- 15.30pm. Leading this session will be Paul Jones (UK Operations Manager) of Release International https://releaseinternational.org/ and we will explore the issue of persecution of Christians worldwide and how that affects us.

It will be an interactive and multi-media day with plenty􏰄 of v􏰅ariet􏰄y􏰆 so w􏰇e shouldn’t get too 􏰀’out- Zoomed’􏰂.

Don’􏰂t forget your coffee and biscuits (and, if necessary, lunch too).

Please register asap with Elizabeth at bemdeo@gmail.com she will then forward you the Zoom joining details. If you haven’t used Zoom before, please let her know and she will also forward some info. You may share the joining info but, for security reasons, anyone who wishes to join must let Elizabeth know.

We hope you’ll find this an informative and thought-provoking discussion.

Ruth Bailey, Church Administrator

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