Spring forwards….

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Or, in other words, daylight saving time begins at 02.00 this Sunday, 28th March, so don’t forget to turn your clocks forward by an hour before going to bed on Saturday, or you could find yourself being late for church.

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A thought on the subject of time….

How often have you heard someone say, if only there was an extra day in the week?

It looked like the sun stood still in the book of Joshua during a long battle. There has been peculiar debate in some circles on how to interpret this account (24hrs, plus 40mins?) but it seems that astronomers in Cambridge have worked out that there was an eclipse at the time, which would have given cause to this narrative. This would make it one of very few records of eclipses from ancient times. The date:  30 October 1207 BCE. Time has moved on since then, as it will do on Sunday!

Ruth Bailey. Church Administrator

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