Children – Calling all Grandparents

In both our Wednesday Lent Group and Monday’s Getting to Know You zoom meetings last week, the importance of children emerged in discussion. Parallel to that, those involved in our own Sunday morning Kidz Corner (which had to stop due to virus regulations), have been discussing how to gather online with the children on Sunday morning, instead. (Church families will be contacted directly about that.)

Since one such discussion emerged from the excitement of the birth of a great grandchild, here are some pointers for grandparents among us of activities for children. As you will no doubt be in touch with your grandchildren – wherever they are in the world – these links could prove valuable to you. Some activity sheets might be most suitable in general, even if a child is not familiar with church or Bible stories.

Below, are links to resources for you can explore at your leisure, to see if any suit your situation. (Most are not official Anglican sites but sites, I am advised, that have been used by Anglican churches.)

A link aimed at older children is also included, which is Anglican, as no doubt our grandchildren will be from a wide age-range and adults and families may find such material, produced for use in schools, most interesting to sample.

Happy surfing!


Illustrated Ministry


Together at Home

From a youth trust, here is a Powerpoint file to download, which includes links to videos.