Cake Sale – Sunday 14th March

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To celebrate Mothers’ Day we’re holding a Cake Sale after church this Sunday, 14th March.

To provide a safe environment in which to shop social distancing will of course be observed in the church garden where the cakes will be on sale. You don’t need to pre-order, the cakes cost CHF20.- each, plus there will be packs of brownies and cupcakes available too!

If would help us a lot if you can bring exact change to pay for your cakes, plus contactless payment by TWINT will also be possible.

Thank you for supporting our fund-raising efforts and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Don’t forget if you would like to attend the church service beforehand please register in advance: to ensure a place.

2 thoughts on “Cake Sale – Sunday 14th March

  1. What a nice idea – Whilst it’s Mothering Sunday in the UK this weekend, Mother’s Day in Switzerland falls on the 9th May this year – Is there likely to be a cake sale then as well?… Just asking so I can up my exercise regime in readiness 😉

    1. Hi Lisa, at the moment there are no firm plans in place for a cake sale on 9th May, but we do hope to sell hot cross buns on Palm Sunday, March 28th, so we hope that will whet your appetite. Oh to be young and energetic and have an exercise regime😎
      All best wishes

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