Do you prefer a pdf or paper?

We recently had a delivery of ‘daily notes’ booklets. Yes! – printed on paper, for subscribers from St Andrew’s . . . This question is an on-going debate, perhaps equivalent to the new phrase ‘being zoomed-out’ and wanting physical presence.

St Andrew’s members have been using Daily Bible reading notes here for many decades. We still have a regular order for ten people in our community. And so, every four months, new booklets arrive from England from BRF, the Bible Reading Fellowship, with a page a day of a Bible reading and commentary that relates it to daily life.

You may wish to explore their website (links below).
In the UK, they are well-known due to the ‘Messy’ church series of resources. (And, yes, I have heard a bishop make the obvious joke about football.)

If you like the idea of a physical booklet for your daily spiritual input, let Ruth know at the church office, as you can be added to the list. They are not very expensive and we have them shipped here so we can post them out.

Here are some links to their website, as they produce quite a variety of helps for church members.

“As well as the Anna Chaplaincy for Older People, Messy Church and Parenting for Faith ministries, we offer Living Faith – resources for the spiritual journey, and a wealth of online ideas and activities through the websites below.”

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While on the subject, if you happen to be one of those at St Andrew’s who subscribes, here is a weekly prayer sheet that BRF produces. For 100 years (this year), they have seen their subscribers as a worldwide fellowship.