Music on Sundays

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In our efforts to offer more music (in the absence of our beloved choir), Shaun and Eleanor will present two pieces this Sunday, January 31st, from the repertoire of the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple.

Eleanor continues… “We quickly discovered that there is ‘little’ (for which, read ‘none’) solo vocal music specifically for this Feast Day.  Undeterred, we have chosen two lovely pieces to present:

the delightful, En Prière by Faurè
and from the Bach Magnificat, Et Exultavit.

Come early as the Fauré will be a prelude! Keep your favourite hymns coming in. We will post one each week.

In addition, the Chaplain has asked Shaun to help him gently explore a wider range of musical settings for the Eucharist, with a view to adding some variation to congregational responses when sung worship is restored.