Wednesday Prayers continue – come rain, come shine

The grass is always greener… when it’s not snowing!

Green was the grass in the garden, when we began our weekly outdoor communion service this morning at 9:30. By the time we’d finished, the table and the grass had become white with snow. The text of the president’s service sheet gradually changed from black to white and had to be shaken periodically so as to be able to read it.

Safely insulated against the cold, distanced, masked, AND outdoors we are together in prayer, though standing apart and keeping safe. This week, an enterprising congregant brought boot insulators for everyone. That just about covers everything, apart from our eyes and the Chaplain’s fingers.

We pray for people by name, if they are sick or in some other need for prayer. The Chaplain maintains this list of people we pray for every Wednesday. These days, we simply use Christian names, or the Chaplain can keep names in silent prayer, if requested.

If you would like someone prayed for at the Wednesday prayers, let the Chaplain know.