Pancake Tuesday

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Calling all pancake lovers!  If COVID restrictions in place at the time allow us to, we will be selling pancakes on Sunday February 14, the Sunday before Shrove Tuesday.  You may order them in bags of 6 (hygienically prepared and packaged by our team of home cooks) for 10 chf per bag.  Just re-heat on Tuesday and enjoy the traditional pancake supper that night!  You can order some by writing to, and pick them up after church (around 11:00 am on that Sunday).  We will also have a few Valentine’s Day treats for sale, too. 

Since we don’t get a chance to meet up lately, at least we can eat pancakes “together”, even if we are in our own homes!  Plus, we can raise funds for our beloved church.  It’s a win-win!

Eleanor Paunovic

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