Latest effect of regulations on worship

What you cannot see, inside, is Shaun preparing organ music for Sunday

In the New Year, we received further guidance from the Diocese in Europe and the Church of England and, this week, more regulation from the Swiss authorities.

We are all to take great care.

Worship is still allowed.
Our protocol conforms to the latest instructions in Switzerland so we are able to hold Sunday services (we kept to two-metre distancing, even when that was reduced). However, Kids Corner will have to cease after this weekend, for the time being.

This Sunday, of more challenge, perhaps, is the weather, as it seems likely that there will be continued snow. Take care on the roads.

Here is another picture of the church after the snowfall (we usually don’t get much snow in Zurich). It is strange to think that only the day before we celebrated Holy Communion at the table in the garden and now everything is snowed up.

Wednesday communion has carried on, outdoors, when we pray for the sick and those names that have been given to me for specific prayer. These prayers carried on, even during original lockdown, as I was still allowed to go into church and say morning prayer alone.


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