A message of thanks from Partner Sein, the aid agency of the Swiss Old Catholic Church

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We recently received this thank you message from Partner Sein, the aid agency of the Swiss Old Catholic Church. St Andrew’s has collected money for the charity at some of its church services over the years, and as a result of many people’s generosity has been been able to make substantial donations to the agency which assists people in some of the poorest countries of the world.

If you would like to find out more about the projects that Partner Sein will be supporting in 2021 please see this page of the agency’s website: https://www.partner-sein.ch/en/projects2021.

Dear friends of our relief organisation,
Between Christmas and New Year we like to look back. Behind us lies a difficult season in which Partner Sein was able to maintain and in some cases intensify its aid to needy people and its cooperation with partners in our project countries. The Corona crisis meant that our projects often could not proceed as we had planned. Schools and nurseries had to remain closed, but construction work, for example, progressed much faster than planned.
Unfortunately, the cancellation of the ecumenical Lenten campaign caused a significant drop in donations.
However, the Commission Partners would like to thank you all very much for your cooperation in the past year. Through your commitment to our church, you have made a decisive contribution – and many of you have done so for years – to ensuring that many people in the poorest countries can rely on our relief organisation even in difficult years.
In addition, being able to count on your help encourages us to continue our commitment to the poorest people in the world. We also thank you very much for this.
With our best wishes for the coming year

Raymond Dumont, President, Partner Sein

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