Is being Christian a private matter?

‘Intriguing to hear the debate about whether it was too risky to be known for being a Christian, in the pop scene of the 60’s, on Sir Cliff Richard’s Desert Island Discs programme last week. A member of the congregation told me about this, but I was too busy to listen at the time. I’m glad I did.

I was never a Cliff fan, as such, but I have my own reasons for being pro-Cliff.

The role of Christians in the public arena is a topical discussion, as the Swiss Archdeaconry is currently exploring the General Synod debate about what it means to be Christian, Monday to Saturday (originally called, Setting God’s People Free). The idea is to empower the laity, because the importance of the Christian faith is in members affecting the world around, everywhere, everyday.

…what we do on a Sunday is only a small part of the story. Sunday is to fire us up for Monday, if you see what I mean.

The link to listen is here.

I hope you enjoy the programme.