St Andrew’s Church Bazaar – To Enge

Following up from the first post, we now bring the bazaar story more up to date, thanks once more to Miriam Keller:

Various premises were used for the Bazaar.  From 1966 onwards Enge was rented regularly.  Different settings were tried, kept, rejected, particularly regarding catering.  At one time Mövenpick provided the coffee- 6 gallons of it – and Knorr the lunches.  It was requested that the Knorr chef should bring his own pan for the soup and not use the one for tea and coffee water as the soup made it too greasy.

There was always an official opener, preferably someone with a title, or the Ambassador’s wife.  We gave up this practice in 1985 as it was becoming increasingly difficult to find someone suitable, and, in any case, for the mad rush of particularly Swiss customers for White Elephants when the doors opened at 9.30, an opening speech was quite irrelevant.

During the 1960s the Bazaar income varied between ten and twenty thousand francs.  The best year we ever had was in the late 1990s, when we made almost Frs.100,000.-, a real boom year!   Since then the income has little by little decreased.  Not that less effort is put into the Bazaar. On the contrary, even today many of the people (mostly women!) involved have been on the stallholders and helpers lists for decades.  There are few people in the church who avoid being roped in to do something.

Our Enge “home”, which we used for over 50 years and set the style for the Bazaar, is now no longer available. From having just the big hall and the entrance there, we expanded into the whole house;  some stalls disappeared over the years, new ones appeared;  instead of a dignified served lunch and afternoon tea, we set up a self-service buffet table running all day;  we have employed professional services for the transportation of goods between Promenadengasse  and Enge and the lifting and carrying of heavy boxes; with modern media we have been able to reach a much wider audience for our publicity.  Running the Bazaar in new premises now could present us with the opportunity to give the bazaar a “new look”.   Today’s public is generations away from the customers of the formative days of the Bazaar.

Many thanks for Miriam for sharing these articles, and indeed, to all of those who have contributed so much to the bazaar effort of the years. If you have any memories, recollections or mementos that you would like to share – of the bazaar or life at St Andrew’s in general, then please get in touch.

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