Greetings on Boxing Day

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Boxing Day derives its name from the tradition of giving presents. In past generations, many people did not get to celebrate Christmas Day – they were at work. That is minimised nowadays but people working in hospitals and transport, for instance, have to take their turn on rotas. It is a sobering reminder that ‘servants’ working in the large houses of the rich, had to work on Christmas Day, no doubt catering for very many guests, too. So, Boxing Day was when they were able to visit their own family and celebrate.

Here is a present for you, though not in a box, in the sense of spiritual enrichment for your reflection.

If Jesus were to give a present today, specifically to you, what would it be?
Take some moments of quiet to reflect on this thought.

Works by Michael Leunig, used with permission (cartoons, prayers and art)

I heard Michael giving a talk/workshop on spirituality and was surprised by his story, of telling his newspaper editor (where he worked as a political cartoonist) that he wanted to stop doing cartoons for awhile and, instead, write a short daily prayer:  unconventional prayers, at that. He pointed out, in his talk, that this was a secular newspaper and the culture was particularly alien to Christian expression. This story impressed me. A few weeks ago, I asked permission to use some of his work. Some is hard-hitting and produced for a different cultural environment but his ‘sideways’ look at life, precisely intended to make people puzzle, stop and think, may well be useful for us, for that same reason.