Some amusement for you . . .

During the festive season, I will be posting some music and, some more unusual items. I contacted an artist and a record producer a few weeks ago to ask permission to use their material, and I hope it will be of encouragement and fun, at this time. This is something, by way of catchup – well, stir-up Sunday was last month. Here’s the story…

Children often ‘make’ Christmas for us. Seeing them enjoy the celebrations with their innocent wide-eyed appreciation is heart-warming.

I found this rather cute (from my sister) but didn’t post at the time, as it was of more personal interest. However, who cannot smile at the bishops in this photo and love the kids. Now that we are probably staying at home more, I thought it a nice little video to warm your hearts.

The personal connection is that Bishop Michael was one of my chaplaincy students in London University and he reminded me, at my sister’s ordination, of the day he met me to discuss his “calling” to ministry:  that was in a fairly busy student common room!

Stir-up Sunday, is not a Sunday I remember as a child – I’m sure my mum made Christmas puddings weeks before that – but I will definitely remember this one, that’s for sure!

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