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There is now a growing collection of online videos from the Church of England. Weekly worship is prominent but there are various other videos about the Christian life. Of particular note . . .

The Church of England has launched its annual Christmas film,
with a message of Comfort and Joy
after a year like no other.

Watch the Christmas video here

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Featuring preparations and celebrating Christmas, the film is the centrepiece of the Church of England’s Comfort and Joy campaign. A programme of online services and reflections with content will be shared through December and up and until Epiphany.

The video, narrated by Martha Collison, the Great British Bake Off star and Instagram influencer, explores how the uniquely difficult circumstances of 2020 will shape the festive season ahead for many families.

In one scene a man is shown wearing a mask. In another a woman, who is alone and unable to travel, celebrates Christmas with her family via a video call.

Describing the situation for many people this Christmas, the narrator says: “There’ll be presents we give and blessings we share, generous tables, crackers to pull – and empty places of those not with you, some that are gone forever, and some just not able to travel.

“We’ll have eyes filled with tears and hearts with love. Whether they’ll be arms around us or chats around screens and giggles on phones, we’ll still have trees to set up and cards to write, calendars to open, and carols to sing, candles to light and prayers to say and the greatest story of all, with light from the stable and the Christ child promising comfort and joy for everyone this special Christmas time.”