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Although both Stephanie (St Andrew’s bookkeeper) and I have been working mostly from home since March, there are some things that can’t easily be done from a remote location.

One such task was the mailing of this year’s pledge letters which should now have been delivered. Wearing face-masks, with hand disinfectant at the ready, and being careful to maintain a safe distance between desks we packed the envelopes and then Stephanie took them to a nearby post office. As I mentioned in the piece that was published on 3 November, ( working from home has brought its own challenges and going to the church office after a prolonged absence felt a little strange at first so it was good to have a renewed sense of some sort of normality.

These are difficult times for many people but we hope that all those who received the letter and accompanying leaflet informative and that you will consider making a pledge in 2021 to support St Andrew’s to enable us to continue our ministry to the English speaking community in Zurich and our daughter communities in Turgi, St Gallen and Zug. With grateful thanks from all of us here at St Andrew’s.

Ruth Bailey, Church Administrator

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