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Tuesday 18:30 – on Zoom

Mark Vernon – may help us to see ourselves more clearly

How do different cultures see the world around them?
Understanding this makes a big difference to how we then see ourselves.

Whether our understanding of mountains, medicine, or moods, each generation and culture of the human race will have ‘their own take’ on the world they see around them. How can we critique our own?

And how do we interpret the Bible? That will depend on the type of literature we’re reading but we generally start by trying to work out what the people of the time actually meant. That poses problems as all communication relies on shared references and assumptions and these can be very different across generations, let alone centuries: for example, what happened as a result of seeing pictures of the Earth as a sphere from outer space – no one had seen that before the 1960s, and it changed how we think. Other changes are more gradual and often difficult to observe.

Mark Vernon has studied how people of various cultural eras understand themselves, which then helps us to see this more clearly and, of rather more interest, helps us understand ourselves better and see the changes we are undergoing in our world.

Join us on Tuesday evening, 18:30 for his zoom session with us.

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Paul, Chaplain