Where – Art thou ?

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It has been interesting to see what people have been up to, whilst staying at home.

Among friends and family, I have seen pictures of exploring new recipes, making experimental chutneys, DIY projects, painting (both art and walls) and all kinds of creativity. I imagine many people have been exploring new activities.

Here is a picture sent from Kathie, emerging from reflections on the way home after worship one day and…

(© K.Bard 2020)

Progress ?
Oil painting by Kathryn E. Bard, 50 x 60 cm, 2020

After church one Sunday in January I was driving home: in prayer, I asked God to reveal a painting theme – something that he wanted me to paint. This image flooded my mind and compelled me to paint it.

Wood. Ceramic, Metal. Glass. Plastic. Everyday materials used by humankind for utilitarian purposes. What is our responsibility?

As Christians, the central chalice reminds us of the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins.
The green seeds represent God as the creator of new life and the promise of salvation.

Have you asked God what you can do for Him today?