Welcome, Elspeth !

The birth of a baby is exciting. To occur during a time of international lockdown, when relatives cannot visit, not even local friends, due to restrictions in hospitals about visitors (even for the father), makes it rather more stressful. Add to that medical complications, and it is hard for any of us to understand the depth of feeling experienced by parents going through such a time. There was, therefore, great joy in welcoming Elspeth into the Church.

Take yourself back to March…
You can imagine my surprise one day to receive a telephone call from Kristen about how to conduct an emergency baptism for Elspeth in hospital. As it happens, Elspeth’s mum didn’t really need my help, she was well-able to do this and knew how.  

Here is what Kristen wrote for us:
A few weeks after our daughter Elspeth was born, we discovered that she had a life-threatening birth condition that required emergency surgery to correct. It was in mid-March and, being at the Kinderspital, it was decided that it would be best if I gave her an emergency baptism for urgency and lockdown-safety reasons.  

Elspeth thankfully made it through surgery with flying colours and is now doing very well.  

We were overjoyed to be able to celebrate the recognition of her baptism with the Church community on Sunday 25 October, followed by an international zoom call with friends and family that evening.  

It is a blessing to be able to mark these big occasions, even in the most unusual of periods.

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