Archbishop of Canterbury speaks out in the House of Lords

Politics is not out of bounds for the church – far from it
Senior bishops take their turn for a week in parliament
Here’s an example of a debate that drew the attention of the Archbishop of Canterbury

“What we are above all called to do in this country, deeply embedded in our Christian culture and history, is to act justly and honestly,” he told peers. “We cannot do so if we openly speak of breaking a treaty under international law reached at properly on which peace in part of the UK relies.”

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Politics must not be reduced to “raw majority power unleashed” that normalises law-breaking, the Archbishop of Canterbury has warned. The UK “will suffer great harm” and peace between the home nations will be compromised, he told the House of Lords on Monday. Archbishop Welby was contributing to a debate on the Internal Markets Bill which was given its second reading in the Lords. The Bill, which sets up internal arrangements for trading after the Brexit transition period ends, has been heavily criticised for breaking international law, something that the Government has admitted, and reversing the devolution of power in the UK.