Sunday 1st November – After Church Sale

This coming Sunday we’re holding another After-Church Sale in the church garden at Promenadengasse at 11 am, AFTER the 10.00 service.

Homemade jam, quince jelly, mincemeat for mince pies, handmade Christmas puddings and British groceries (tea, pickle, custard powder etc.), plus sliced, frozen Bramley apples will be available so please come along and stock up on all the delicious things that will be on sale.

A big thank you goes to all the people in our community who are preparing homemade goods with care and the finest ingredients.

One small thought for the day. Just think of all the work and activity that goes into preparing a jar of homemade jam… from the micro-organisms in the soil that nourish the plant that produces the fruit, to the gardener who cares for, waters and harvests the fruit, to all the people involved in the cultivation, production and transport of sugar, and finally the person who cooks the jam and then delivers it to St Andrew’s. We hope you enjoy and relish the fruits of all their labour.

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