Pop-up Church Event

You’ve no doubt come across pop-up shops and cafes appearing from time to time around Zurich.

Why not, then, the occasional pop-up church event ? !

The weather looks reasonable tomorrow, so I’m going for a walk right after church. Anyone want to join me?

I’ve chosen a route that is not too demanding (the gentle approach to Uto Kulm/Uetliberg, from the far side, starting near the top). I’ll set off after the Sunday service tomorrow, catch a train to Uitikon Waldegg and walk for an hour to the top (avoiding the steep route!).

Once there, we can grab a snack/drink before making our ways home.

You would need some money for train and snacks and suitable footwear and clothing, as it will be about 10 degrees on top. As we’ll set off after church you can join us then (~11:00) if unable to be at the service for some reason.

I look forward to it.


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