Celebrating Harvest – Sunday 4 October

Charity Collection – when we match donations with the same amount from church funds.
please support the charities, even if unable to attend church


recognising God’s gift of creation,
our stewardship and our enjoyments,
the challenge and our response.

None of us work in the fields any more, yet there is great nostalgia for the hymns and memories of village life, old fashioned farming and nature. A few of us might grow vegetables but we are otherwise ‘distant from the soil’.

Yet, our generation is the one with the opportunity to respond well to the challenges of our time. How can we do so?

Let’s join in worship, reflect on the natural world and commit ourselves to good stewardship.

Our gifts

People in need find themselves in even more need at the current time, as contact with others is reduced. Please give generously towards these two local organisations to continue to support the disadvantaged in Zurich.

We will collect financial donations (via Collection box and TWINT) and give to Open Heart for use in their work. We will match the sum of money raised from church funds.

Gifts of food (tins and dried goods, nothing perishable) are still possible this year. We ask that you place such gifts either side of the gangway by the font on arrival, as directed – and not to touch any other goods. These will be left untouched for for a few days before being transferred to Pfarrer Sieber, in which we have a local interest. You may wish to consider donating supermarket gift-cards, as another option, for this charity.