Buying books on a beautiful morning

As I walked past the church doors toward the garden on a lovely sunny Saturday morning, it was heart-lifting to hear the lively bubble of conversation and see the interaction of people from within our community inspecting (and buying) the goods. A taste of normality?

Saturday 12th September saw the St. Andrew’s book sale. Normally held in – and originally scheduled for – June, the weather certainly played ball, with some lovely sunshine – it was hot by the afternoon.

In addition to the books, several others also took the initiative to sell their wares. In order to fit with social distancing regulations and give the flexibility to cater for stall holders and customers, the additional stalls were set up in the garden, with homemade jams and marmalades, cakes and Christmas Crackers.

Trade was steady, but the feeling of the event in general was that people were glad to be doing something to help the church and build the sense of community. “I’ve not seen you for ages” was commonly heard.

Writing from the perspective of Treasurer, I am also glad to report that the event was financially successful as well. In a year when fundraising has been difficult – impossible at times – over CHF 3,000 raised for church funds is very welcome indeed.

Much of the conversation was also forward looking, with several views about the potential bazaar. As previously highlighted, it will clearly be different from before, but with willingness and imagination I am sure we can come up with something that engages the St Andrew’s family and the broader community, whilst also raising funds to support our mission. If you have any ideas, or wish to get involved, please get in touch!

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