Bazaar, or Bizarre?

Plans for this years Bazaar are still being finalised, having been thrown off course by the current Covid situation.

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We still very much hope to be able to hold a “Mini-Bazaar”, on the 5th December.

We hope to welcome people to what will probably be our new venue at Liebfrauenkirche Zentrum, Weinbergstrasse 36, 8006 Zürich. However, check back here to find out the venue nearer the time.

Please see below, for a message from our Bazaar organiser, explaining the current situation. As plans take shape, more information and updates will be posted to our new Bazaar page, which can be found via the link at the top of the Home page, and the Latest News page. You can also click here to go straight to the Bazaar page.

If you would like to help with organising the Bazaar in any way, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us with your ideas and suggestions.

Please note, we are not yet ready to accept donations for this years event. Please keep checking the Bazaar page for details of when to bring your donations, as our plans take shape.

The Bazaar is very important to our community for fundraising and working together and we all understand that the pandemic places additional challenges on us. The main restrictions from the BAG and Stadt Zürich that are relevant to our Bazaar at the moment are regarding restricted numbers in the building, the obligatory wearing of masks all day, the probability that we can’t serve food and no children’s activities (social distancing problems), to name but a few. Any infringement of the regulations would get us into trouble with the Feuerpolizei, as well as our hosts. In any case, we have to live with the possibility of the Liebfrauen being closed in December, should numbers of infected continue to increase.

In addition, we have to collect/receive goods, sort them and then dispose of leftovers, all of which can expose all helpers to risk. Looking at all this, we cannot currently see a practical way of running Clothes, White Elis, Café, Santa’s Workshop and the Crèche and possibly Toys. Selling books remains a bit of a question mark at the moment and it will be interesting to see how the Book Sale fares on September 12th.

After recent meetings with the caretaker at the Liebfrauen and discussion between the Chaplain, the Wardens, Treasurer, Ruth and Sarah, we are considering trying to run a smaller scale event at the Liebfrauen on the 5th December, with Christmas cards, crackers, crafts and some Christmas groceries (though these may be limited, due to quarantine restrictions between UK and France and potentially also Switzerland) or sell these items in a series of small sales at St Andrew’s Community Centre in the run-up to Christmas. We are already selling some things online via Ricardo and could offer a pre-order and collection service, for Crackers, for example.

A ray of sunshine on the horizon is that the Liebfrauen are proving very helpful and have offered the premises to us in April 2021, if we would like to run a Spring Sale there, when hopefully all the restrictions have been lifted and we are back to some degree of normality. This would mean that Clothes, White Elis, Café etc could be brought back. And of course, we can still have the premises next Advent for a normal Christmas Bazaar.

A final reminder that this is Sarah’s last Bazaar as organiser and we are still looking for 2 people to take over (one must speak German) .

With your help and input, we hope to update our plans by around 20th September as to whether we will have a Mini-Bazaar at the Liebfrauen or run a series of small events in the community centre at St Andrew’s before Christmas.

We welcome ideas and suggestions from the community and you are very welcome to contact the organiser via the church office:

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