Recommencing Holy Communion at St Andrew’s

We are aware that some people are eager to take Holy Communion and therefore we have been looking at ways to achieve this, given that our premises don’t fit at all well with the whole distancing concept.

From Wednesday, 2nd September, we will be holding communion for a maximum of 10 people on Wednesday mornings (9:30am), initially in the church garden. It will be a short service and would require people to stand throughout, but only for 30min max.

After doing this for a couple of weeks, to see how it goes, we intend to also begin celebrating communion on alternate Sundays (10:00am) in the church (alternate, because some see receiving communion as a risk so don’t want that, but also because it extends the time people are together in an enclosed space, which is to be avoided as well.)

This will work indoors if the Chaplain observes the precautions/guidelines walking down the vacant pews to distribute communion (wafers only) to people individually, who will remain in their places, as now, without the congregation moving around at all. The Chaplain will be suitably masked and hand-washed.

Should you wish to attend, please reserve your place in advance, using our advance booking system which can be accessed via the links for Worship at St Andrew’s on the Prayer and Worship page.

Click here to go straight to the advance booking system.

We will review the situation again in October, to see what we can do in November and the run-up to Christmas. Our hope is that, by then, the fears (of autumn temperatures and a second wave), will have passed and the situation stabilised, which will allow us to do more in a safe and secure fashion. However, no one can predict and the number of cases is going up at the time of writing.

Let’s all take care.

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